Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Newquay Lifeboat

If you want to know if there are people who dedicate their lives to save other people, then you can witness this with Newquay Lifeboat. It acts like a lifeguard to all the people in the beaches of Newquay.

It is actually a relief that such a service exists in Newquay. With all the extreme sports available in the area, it is only right to have some people who are dedicated to risk their lives for others. But what can you do for your safety? Well, you can simply listen to what Newquay Lifeboat has to say.

When you visit them, you can get some free safety checks. You may also want to check out their interactive CD ROM which introduces you to various safety measures such as the use of buoys and markers, weather, navigation lights and tides. This is exceptionally useful if you are planning to launch an accommodation area in Newquay.

So to ensure your safety, be sure you know how to call Newquay Lifeboat. It is the only boat in Newquay that is dedicated to save your life.

Visit their website here.

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