Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Newquay Information: 6 More Things To Do In Newquay

Newquay is a simple town located at the Northern coast of Great Britain. Since it is located on the coasts, the area has always been known for its amazing beaches making it a top tourist destination. Some of these are the Fistral beach, Towan beach and Watergate Bay Beach. In connection, the most famous activity in Newquay is surfing and it is quite obvious given the great waves of its beaches.

Newquay is also called as the “Blackpool of the West Country”. It is also alive at night with all the clubs and hangouts available. This branded it as an entertainment town making it substantially different from Cornwall and Lancashire.

Though the site is a bit large, it only has 22,000 residents. But when summer strikes, the number multiplies by five. But the area can still house everyone. After all, with great beaches comes great accommodation. From simple self-catering cottages to five star hotels, one will not run out of places to stay at Newquay.

But of course, the fun of Newquay does not stop from mere surfing, swimming or accommodations. Let me enumerate the other things you can do at Newquay.

Visit the Zoo

If you are visiting Newquay as a family, then be sure to not skip Newquay zoo in your itinerary. It is not only family friendly. It also offers an experience that is unique from your daily life. Just imagine the smiles on your children’s faces once they get their first encounter with the animals. Surely it is a worthy investment for you to have come. This is also a nice idea for a date.

Visit an Aquarium

Well, if you are not into wild animals, then you will enjoy yourself if you just find the time to visit the aquarium. But the Blue Reef Aquarium as has been previously reviewed here at Newquayweb is nothing to be belittled. It will still give you a magical experience you will never forget.

Visit the Museum

One of the most noted museums here in Newquay is the Travels through Time. The only difference of this site is that it takes anyone back through time to the history of yesterday. It is a nice place to visit and experience for it shows a different sense of what museums are all about.

Go Paintballing

Paintballing will always be a fun activity especially for the adventure lover. It is not just about the thrill of shooting people. It is also the thrill of hiding and strategizing. Paintballing is also an ideal activity for stag parties. Since this is very popular in Newquay, the activity is equally popular.

Relax at the Gardens

If you got tired of the busy life and just want to relax in your vacation, then you will do yourself some good if you just travel to the Trenance Leisure Gardens. Not only is the site of the venue relaxing. It is also a place where anyone can just let loose and just do what he wants to do.

Rock Your Nightlife

But of course, the Newquay fun will not stop in the morning alone. At night, there are a lot of clubs that are stag an d hen party friendly. Get into these locations and start rocking your night.

These are just some reasons. There are so much more reasons on why you should visit Newquay. But this will at least give you a head start.

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