Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Fal River Festival

Newquay, Cornwall, aside from breath taking sites and fun amusement parks, it is also rich in culture and tradition. One manifestation of this is their celebration of the Fal River Festival.

The Fal River Festival will run from May 28- June 6 in 2010. It is all about celebrating life on the river Fal in Cornwall.

This year’s festival was of a big success having over 30,000 visitors and almost 130 events taking place around the river.

This 10- day event was able to host a variety of events which ranged from music and drama, arts and heritage to rowing races, triathlons and walks.
The festival started in 2006, which aims to celebrate life on the river and also give a chance to the people of Cornwall to recognise and embrace the people, the culture, and the place that is a part of their daily lives.

The Fal River Festival is running for almost 3 years now and a great response from the locals and also to the tourists has been reported.

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