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Newquay Airport Renovation

Recent news has said that the European Commission will redevelop the Newquay Cornwall Airport. Funding will come from the EU funding which is around £22.5 million along with £24.3 million public funds. The project may require additional investments with its goal of developing the airport to be truly civilian in contrast with its partial military appeal.

The development is approved in accordance to the 2005 Airport Guidelines 2

• the construction and operation of the infrastructure met a clearly defined objective of general interest, notably the development of the Cornwall region;
• the infrastructure development was necessary and proportional to the objective pursued by the UK authorities;
• there were satisfactory medium-term prospects for use of the infrastructure;
• all potential users had access to it in an equal and non-discriminatory manner; and
• the development of trade was not affected to an extent contrary to the Community interest.

But given its goal, the airport will still need up to £68.4 million funding. It is now looking for more funds through the European Regional Development Fund and other national sources.

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