Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Flights to Newquay at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport now allows flights to Newquay four times weekly. You may have rejoiced when the Newquay Cornwall Airport welcomes bmibaby. But now there is an added plus. Flights are available four times a week. This little adjustment will not only bring new tourists to Newquay. It can also act as a bridge from the West Country to the center of UK.

According to Keren Medweth, the Newquay Cornwall Airport’s Head for Commercial Development, the opening of this new link will open a new market for Newquay. Birmingham is a good source after all. The main goal of this is to serve travelers who just want to leisurely travel to Newquay.

There are many reasons on why this new airport will be interesting. For one, Newquay is the surf capital of UK. It boasts a wide array of beaches and restaurants. Its attractions range from historical to leisurely. If anyone is looking to travel especially in the summer, Newquay is the perfect place.

The departure times are also scheduled accordingly. There will be Sunday and Friday times to provide a venue for weekend travelers. The gain here is the one hour trip which beats the 4 hour drive to Newquay if the plane is ignored.

The cost is also friendly. It is just £18.99 which is inclusive of taxes and charges. This will then gain an upperhand with the amount of money one is going to spend if he opts to drive. It is roughly £45 just for gas. This gives more reasons to visitors to use the airport for their travel.

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