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City 2 Surf – Travel, Accommodation and Activity Packages from London to Newquay

One of things that people complain most about when visiting the South West is the lack of things to do when it’s raining. I have to say after living here for twelve years, I’ve never found the rich maritime weather we are so fortunate to experience has ever stopped me getting out there and getting an adrenaline fix or seeing my mates or doing whatever.

Kite-Surfing-in-NewquayFortunate maritime climate you ask? Well I think so; I can remember spending two months in Morocco – day after day of blazing sunshine and every day a carbon copy of the one before. Even I was starting to feel the monotony but the locals were literally crying out for a change in the weather. They couldn’t work in the midday heat, they couldn’t grow stuff, but mostly they mourned to total lack of variety in their weather. They were deadly serious when they looked me in the eye and said they wished they had weather more like ours.

So what do you do during a wet weekend in Newquay? Well if you’ve ran off with the neighbour’s wife/daughter/ or a randy work colleague or even your own other half, the answer should be obvious: book yourself in for a day’s surfing, kiting, or mountain biking. Or coasteering. Or paintballing. Or quad biking. Or just wrap up and go for a stroll on the windswept beaches before ducking into a cosy headland pub for a hot chocolate and something stronger. Really, there is no such thing as bad weather in Cornwall, only the wrong clothes.

With this in mind, two local vagabonds, Andi Milson and Dom Moore, have set up City2Surf with the aim of introducing the best of Cornwall and its activities to stressed out city types on a budget. City2Surf is a super budget travel agency running two and three day trips to Newquay with coach travel from London and back for the impressively low price of £94. The coaches are supplied by Biotravel and use biodiesel and travellers will be able to enjoy surf movies on the journey down to the accommodation in Newquay, The Surf Sanctuary.

Accommodation-in-Newquay-2The Surf Sanctuary, a small surf lodge set up by a bunch of ne’er do-well co-conspirators offers their guests to try their hand a range of ‘free’ sports such as kitesurfing, powerkiting, surfing, coasteering, mountain biking and general hiking along the trails of Cornwall. The crew are all well versed in getting the most out of the day and there is none of the usual ‘cooler than thou’ bullshit that you can sometimes find at activity bases in tourist towns. The guys at TSS are laid back and friendly and work hard at making the most of your time down there - with seven beaches in walking distance and the better bars and restaurants close by, the lodge’s proximity and local knowledge are definitely an advantage.

Activities can be arranged to suit just about any budget: the lodge has a slew of OS maps and guide books to get you out and about for free (you cannot beat a good ramble along the coastal path – don’t be fooled by the word ‘path’, it’s more of a cliff hugging wild track!), mountain bike rental for a tenner and budget surf and kite lessons right through to bespoke advanced lessons for serious improvers in their chosen sports. All you need to do is let the crew know what activities you might be interested in during your stay and they’ll do their best to hook it up for you.

The best thing about spending a hardcore day out in the elements of stunning Cornwall? Well that’s got to be that first refreshing sip of a well earned pint of the local speciality, Rattler Cyder. Take it steady though; you’ll want a clear head to get up and to it all again the next morning...

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