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‘Newquay’ facebook group

Newquay has it’s very own community based facebook group, it is where the majority of any local community projects begin and is a fantastic social hub for all things Newquay. Find Everything…. It contains many photographs of the town from visitors and locals alike. It has recommendations for anything that people need to know, from […]

‘Newer Newquay’ facebook group

‘Newer Newquay’ facebook group. ‘Newer Newquay’ is one of the sister groups to the main ‘Newquay’ group. It was set up for locals to debate any issues they felt needed addressing in the town, ideas and projects that could be implemented and basically a general moaning place. It works well most of the time but […]

Newquay’s Very Own Public Community Facebook Group

Newquay’s very own Public Community Facebook Group The 1st blog we had written about us was by the amazing Toby Abbs, he created and runs ‘TheLightEarth.Org’ which is a personal journey for Toby: “…a personal project of mine to help raise awareness of issues and to help people on their journey in life. I am […]

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