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Seaways Self Accommodations

Feeling the cold breeze of the sea and smelling the fresh aroma of the morning is a good way of starting your day and better yet, a wonderful start of your relaxation. That’s why Seaways is a perfect choice for a self catering accommodation. How Can I Get There? Getting to Seaways is as easy […]

Surf at the Fistral Beach

Surfing is a popular sport in Newquay and Fistral Beach is just as popular as the sport. True enough the beach is even used to host various surfing competitions making it a key surfing area in Newquay. It is subdivided into different sections namely north fistral, south fistral and little fistral. Each area has different […]

Fistral Beach Guide

Fistral Beach is probably the best known beach in Newquay. It is always busy when its sunny and a favorite with the local surfers and beach goers alike. Fistral beach is where most of the national and international surf contests are held and if you are lucky enough to be there at the right time […]

Towan Beach Guide

Towan Beach is one of the town beaches and is situated right next to the harbour. So you basically go the the centre of town and take the road down to the beach, there is no parking down there (not free parking anyway) so you will have to walk or get dropped off. It is […]