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Newquay’s History

Newquay, for most people is a place for fun, fun, and more fun during summer and a happiness haven during the night. But whoever thought of looking it as a place that also has history which is as normal as other places?

523734216_e617b3fdafNewquay is a town on the North Atlantic Coast of Cornwall, Great Britain. It is bounded to the west by the River Gannel and its associated salt marsh, and in the east by the Porth Valley. It was recorded to have a permanent population of 19, 423.

Not only Newquay is a tourist destination but it is also a part of history. There are some pre- historical burial mounds and an embankment on Newquay as the Barrowfields. Excavations are revealed some cooking pots and coarse pottery burial urn which contains the remains of a Bronze Age Chieftain who was buried up to 3500 years ago.

During the Middle ages, Newquay served as a natural protection from bad weather and a small fishing village that grew up in the area.
In the Modern Period, it became a commercial place for entertainment, merchandise and a residence area.

Newquay has been a major tourist destination for more than a century now because of its beautiful coastline and ten long and accessible sandy beaches. One of which is the well known Fistral Beach that is said to be the best- known surfing beach in the British Isles.

Aside from a tourist destination and a place for entertainment, Newquay still is like any other places that has it’s very simple institutions like churches, bus stations, residential areas, schools, and market places.

As with most things we are involved in, we also have a facebook group that looks back at the history and nostalgia of the town, feel free to have a look at our group 'Newquay Nostalgia' and browse through the thousands of photographs of days gone by, click photo below to take you to the group:


For more history of Newquay, there is also the fantastic 'Newquay Old Cornwall Society' facebook page and also a website.

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