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Weather Forecast Newquay

Knowing the weather is very important if you are planning to travel. And Newquay is no exception. It is essential to know the weather so that you will know what you will be up against and what kind of clothes and things should you bring on your trip. Also, if you are into surfing, the weather is highly relevant to watching and riding the waves.

A 10 day weather forecast is enough to get you prepared. It is not too early and it will also not be too late when the bad weather hits. By that time, you are ready for you already knew what the weather will be 10 days ago. Here are some Newquay weather forecasting resources on the internet.

The Weather Channel (

This website has the 10-day forecast in convenient boxes. All boxes have pictures so you can instantly see the weather. It is a nice place to visit if you are on the run. Just type in the URL of the website and have a brief overview on what the weather is going to be. This also does not apply to Newquay exclusively. It is UK weather after all.

BBC News (

BBC Weather has the option of seeing the change in weather in a 24-hour time frame as well as in a 4-day timeframe. This is very convenient especially if you are considering slight weather changes. This goes to the surfers out there. The added bonus on this website is a map which shows the positions of high and low pressure areas.


When you visit AOL, you will be greeted by the 5-day weather forecast. However, if you are targeting a more in-depth type of information, then they also have 10-day forecasts and 24-hour details. They also have climate stats so you can assess the usual weather behavior in the area.

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