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The Beach Hut gives fresh, simply cooked bistro food in an amazing location. Marvelous breakfast, lazy lunches and cozy dinners, hot drinks, and a very nice menu and sunsets to rival all the bests the world could offer.


They are opened daily at 10am- 5pm and on Sundays, lunch is being served at 10am- 4pm.

Giving people what they need sure is their mission that's why they specialised menus for people who are in the adulthood and also menus for children.

For the adult menu, they offer:


Falafels £5.50
Lebanese salad, hummus, mint and lemon dressing.

Cornish mackerel fillets £6.75
Parmesan crusted, shaved fennel and red onion salad, caper sauce.

Stir-fried squid £5.50
spiced sea salt, Szechuan pepper and oyster sauce.

Superfoods salad Small £6.50 | Large £10.50
feta, spinach, beetroot, toasted seeds, organic sprouting beans, goji berries, shitake mushrooms, pomegranate and French dressing.


Chicken & prawn Laksa £12.50
free range Cornish chicken, thick rice noodles, steamed greens and spiced coconut broth.

North Indian squash curry £9.50
lentils, coriander, braised almond pilaf rice and tomato simbal.

Pan-fried cod fillet £13.50
Cornish new potatoes, rapeseed oil and anchovy dressing with broccoli, asparagus, radish and spinach.

Higher Laity Farm organic pork steak £12.50
stuffed with mozzarella and sage, with warm potato salad, lemon and capers.


Dark chocolate fudge truffle £4.65
sweet vanilla cream and kirsch-marinated cherries.

Cornish baked cheesecake £4.65
with vanilla and pear compote.

Warm rhubarb pudding £4.65
spiced with cinnamon, topped with caramel sauce and clotted cream.




Cheese fondue £5.50
three Cornish cheeses, smoked paprika, thyme and white wine served with chicory and Fifteen Cornwall bloomer.

Fowey river mussels 1/2 kilo £7.50 | 1 kilo £14.50
steamed with white wine, shallots, garlic and cream.

Cornish free range pork terrine £5.00
country style pork pate, Beach Hut fruit chutney, pickles and toast.

Nachos £5.50
chilli beans, cheddar cheese, spring onions, coriander and Cornish soured cream.


Beach Hut beef burger £9.75
flame-grilled, cheddar cheese, garlic mayo, tomato relish, salad and fries.

Beach Hut veggie bean burger £9.50
Cheddar cheese, garlic mayo, tomato relish, salad and fries.

Fish pie £12.00
cod, salmon and haddock, capers, hard boiled eggs, leeks and mashed potato.

Cornish Angus 8oz rib-eye steak £16.50
smoked sea salt, slow-roast garlic, Norma’s mustard and triple-cooked chips.


New potatoes with butter and dill £1.95 per item
Thin fries
Broccoli with chilli butter
Green salad vinaigrette
Tomato, red onion and parmesan salad


Will’s classic crème brulee £4.65

Roskillys’ ice-creams £4.65
four scoops made from Cornish organic jersey milk.

Cheese & biscuits £4.65
Cornish Camembert, Cornish Trelawney and Cornish Blue, Beach Hut fruit chutney.



Clipper Fairtrade Tea
Great tea with a clear conscience.

Mug of tea £1.75

Clipper speciality and fruit teas £1.75

Origin Coffee
Coffee on a mission; great ethics and a great flavour.

Filter coffee £1.75

Espresso £2.00

Americano or long black £2.00
an espresso topped with boiling water

Cappuccino £2.45
2:1 milk to coffee with thick foam and a sprinkle of chocolate

Latte £2.45
frothy milk with espresso shot

Mocha £2.45
chocolate, coffee combo

Add another shot to any coffee for an extra 50p!

Beach Hut Favourites

Hot chocolate £2.00
Extreme hot chocolate £2.90
Extreme latte £2.90
Extreme mocha £2.90



Carrot cake £3.50
Chocolate fudge brownie £3.50
Scones with Cornish clotted cream and Norma’s strawberry jam £4.40

And for the children, they offer

Beach Hut burger with chips and cucumber sticks

Grilled free range chicken breast with chips and peas

Penne pasta with tomato sauce and grated parmesan

Sole goujons with chips and baked beans

Grilled local white fish with new potatoes and peas

All at £3.95

2 scoops of Roskilly’s organic ice cream

Date pudding with vanilla ice cream

£2.20 each

which is ideal for kids ages 8 and below. Aside from that they offer a day's specials.

For more inquiries, call 01637 860877.
Can't wait to taste these luscious foods? Go Now to The Beach Hut located at The Beach Hut
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