Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Flights from Newquay Airport

Flights from Newquay Airport are truly a commodity. But then information regarding the different flights available is so limited that some people end up being confused on what other places they can visit from the Newquay Airport. So here is a popular list of airlines with their corresponding destinations which operate in the Newquay Airport.

– has always been known for their flights from Newquay to Stansted. However, there is a recent reduction of flights and the imposition of a local departure tax.

British Airways – you can depend on this airline if you are looking to visit Gatwick.

– Its highest selling flight is the ones from Edinburgh to Newquay.

Air Southwest – The airline is known for its flights from Newquay to Gatwick and Stansted.

If you want to know about the destinations, here is a table:

Destination Airport Airlines
Belfast International
Jet2 (starts 24/05/2009)
Birmingham International
Air Southwest
Isle Of Man
Leeds Bradford
London Gatwick
Air Southwest
London Stansted
St Marys
Scilly Skybus
Glasgow International
Air Southwest
Leeds Bradford
Jet2 (starts 18/05/2009)
London City
Air Southwest (starts April 20)
Newcastle International
Air Southwest

As with international flights, the choices are limited to Ryanair’s Newquay to Alicante flights and Lufhansa’s Dusseldorf flights. But since Newquay has been growing as a place, more flights will be expected to be available in the near future.

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