Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Car for Hire in Newquay

Traveling across Newquay will be easier if you have a car. But what it you just came to Newquay from a flight? You need to find places where you can rent a car. Here are some sites which may help you find the car that you need.

Cornwall car hire (
If you are low on the budget, you will enjoy the budget-friendly service of Cornwall Car Hire. They also have cars for groups of as much as 7 people. Delivery and collection is free.

AB Hire (
AB Hire is a car hire service in Newquay that is conveniently situated near the Newquay Airport. The car has unlimited mileage and it can be delivered directly into the airport for free. It is your best choice if you have just arrived in Newquay.

Car Rentals (
Cars may be simple at first but there are lots of things you must consider before renting one. Some of these things are location, car type and pick-up dates. This website will let you search for the right car to fit your needs. I find it very convenient.

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