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Fistral Beach

Newquay is blessed with so much water. That’s why it can’t be denied that swimming and surfing is one of the things that a tourist must do once he stepped foot on this place. Having a wide expanse of golden sand, golden rays of sun and the breath- taking view, Fistral Beach is one of the best in Newquay.
Fistral Beach is divided into three areas. First is the South Fistral, Second is the Main Beach and the Third is the Little Fistral. South Fistral is located in the south as its name indicates. Main beach is at the center. Whilst the Little Fistral is in the northern part of the beach and can only be seen during low tide.
You can park your car on the bed of sand on the shore whilst relaxing and savouring the beautiful view in front of you.


How Do I Get There?
Having signages and reliable directions, you can reach Fistral. It is said to be easily located by entering Newquay in the west. If you are going to South Fistral, you can follow the signs going to Pentire.


How is The Place?
Aside from sun- bathing and swimming, you can surf here in Fistral for the waves are ideal for surfing. But if you want just to relax, you can just simply park your car on the bed of golden sand and savour the beautiful view in front of you.
The northern end of Fistral has facilities including Surf Centre, toilets, cafes, surfboard and wetsuit rentals and a nearby golf course.

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