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Newquay’s Very Own Public Community Facebook Group

Newquay’s very own Public Community Facebook Group

The 1st blog we had written about us was by the amazing Toby Abbs, he created and runs 'TheLightEarth.Org'
which is a personal journey for Toby:
"...a personal project of mine to help raise awareness of issues and to help people on their journey in life.

I am a local based journalist in Newquay with a big love of the ocean and the outdoors. Highlighting concerns about the plight of mankind and mother earth is my main passion.

I normally write about the following topics that are informative and also thought provoking.

  • Environment
  • Humanity
  • Spiritual
  • Lifestyle

With the idea being that you start to ask your own questions so that you may move forward with new levels of understanding.

This project is constantly evolving as new content is added on a weekly basis, so please do keep coming back.

I hope that your visit to has helped to plant a seed of change inside you.

Thank you,

Toby Abbs"

Click the photo below for the link to Toby's article about some of our work:
Newquay's Very Own Public Community Facebook Group.

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