Guide to Newquay and Cornwall


So sick and tired of the busy beaches, the usual rooms in a hotel, the numerous numbers of people sunbathing or even shopping? Looking for other forms of fun? Try walking.
Walking, aside from leisure can give you a lot of health benefits. It can reduce the incidence of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other killer diseases.
Walking can be so much fun especially if you are about to witness great sights and amazing view. And Newquay is a perfect place for this.


South going to Holywell Bay to witness dunes, streamside habitats, a tidal estuary and mudflats of north towards Padstow and dramatic cliffs, stacks and famed surfing beaches like Tolcrane, Lusty Glaze and Watergate Bay. You can also see historical sight like the evidences of early man’s influence in a number of Bronze Age Barrows, Iron Age Cliff Castles and a 19h century iron mine.

Before going out in the open, you should always remember that the pre- walk is the most important thing to remember. Make sure of the following for you to have a continuous healthy body.
1. Drink water. Rehydration is very important. When you walk, you loss water and it needs to be replaced right away.
2. Stretch. Preparing the muscles for a long and strenuous work is a must.
3. Warm up. Don’t force the muscles to do a work new to them.
4. Don’t push yourself too much. Listen to what your body tells you and not just your brain.
5. Lastly, breathe. Breathing can help you burn more calories and also can relax your muscles.
So what are you all waiting for? You’ve got the place and you are already geared up!

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