Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Top 10 Stag Party Activities in Newquay

If you are planning a stag party, Newquay is the best place. It has various locations which will get the heart thumping and make this a party your guys will never forget. Here are some activities you can do.

1. Surfing

Newquay is very popular as a surfing destination. It is evident in the abundance of their beaches and the variety of waves that satisfies both beginner and professional surfers. If you want to make the party a memorable one, then surfing is your best bet. It is available all throughout the year and you only need to pay £35 per person. Watch out though because if some of your guys are under 18, you have to tell the instructor.

2. Paintballing

Paintballing will always be a fun activity. It involves the thrill of shooting your opponent and getting shot in the process. It is also cost effective for less than £50 per 100 balls. It must be remembered to dress properly though since paintballing is an outdoor activity. Like surfing, the activity is available all year round.

3. Quad Bike Racing

The Cornish Quad Centre is the only location you will find in the South West that has the best quad paths. The area is newbie friendly so you do not need to worry if you are a beginner. There are persons who will brief you on what to do. For only £45 per person, you can ride these babies and take them for a 1 hour track run. Have a bet and race your way to win.

4. Zap Kats

If you are looking for a quick and high action stag party, then using Zap Kats will never let you down. It is powered with a high speed motor guaranteed to propel anyone across the waters and give you the ride of your life. Prices may vary but the excitement can last for three to four hours.

5. Fishing

Well if your guys are not into the other types of sports, then you can always content yourself with good old fishing. It will also contribute to the peace and quiet that the groom may need before his wedding day. There is not real cost for this one. You only need a good fishing location.

6. Go Karting

Go Karting will also keep your adrenaline running before the big day. It is a sport perfect for stags who just want to spend the time that they have together. Get on that kart, turn that engine and run at 70mph. It will surely keep your blood pumping.

7. Golf

If you are a fan of golf, you will love the 18 holes when you play at Newquay. There is also the popular 17th hole that is hanging on a cliff. Be sure to check with the club rules first though. This is a good relaxing sport which will also break some sweat for you.

8. Hovercrafting

If you are looking for an unusual activity, you will enjoy hovercrafting. This one-seater ride will take you to different terrains. Time will vary in depending on the destination you are assigned with.

9. Kite Surfing

Enjoy the waves through kitesurfing. Just imagine you and your guys screaming as you fly into the air and hold on the kite. It does not matter if you are new to this sport. A briefing will be made at the beginning.

10. Cliff Jumping

If you did not get enough adventure for your day, cliff jumping will raise your energy levels. But you have to listen to the briefing and take note of the routes and jumps. But it is adventure you will never forget regardless.

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