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The Mighty Oak – Tree Climbing!


Are you looking for extreme fun? Loved tree climbing as a child? Well with The Mighty Oak you can scale the biggest and best trees in a fun for all activity which everyone will love. They offer tree climbing to all ages, adults and children enjoy it just as much as each other and its safe, non- competitive and brings you closer to nature. It can be done almost anywhere there’s a suitable tree!

Each climb starts with a bit of curiosity and a small step. That’s why The Mighty Oak tree climbing company can definitely help you as you climb to the very top. Using ropes and harnesses, climbers are tied in and on a rope at all times. You can do it individually or as a group activity maybe for a birthday or corporate event or even for just a bit of good old fashioned family bonding!

To make it really interesting The Mighty Oak also offer tree camping in tree hammocks for the special experience of not only climbing the tree but sleeping in it too.


They have various sites around Cornwall where you can climb or if you have a suitable tree near you they can come to you! All equipment is provided and you are advised to wear comfortable clothing and sensible footwear.

For inquiries and prices visit or call 07890 698 651 for more details.

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