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Surf at the Fistral Beach


Surfing is a popular sport in Newquay and Fistral Beach is just as popular as the sport. True enough the beach is even used to host various surfing competitions making it a key surfing area in Newquay. It is subdivided into different sections namely north fistral, south fistral and little fistral. Each area has different facilities and different kinds of waves for the surfing lovers.

South Fistral

The South Fistral has huge waves with some rocks at the right. This is not a recommended area for beginners. Once you are tired, you can always refresh yourself as the little houses around the area usually serve some drinks. Expect this place to be especially busy around the summer.

North Fistral

This area has a little more facility than the Southern area. More than the bathrooms provided in South Fistral, North Fistral even have areas for changing and showering. Although the place may provide a convenient place to hang out, the waves are not as exciting. It is, however, recommended for beginners to stick to this spot.

Little Fistral

This area only shows at low tide. This makes it a highly dangerous place as compared to the other areas. The place is extra rocky in contrast with the Southern and Northern part. So be sure to take extra care if you opt to surf here.

If you really want to pursue surfing as a sport, then you will never be complete if you have never rode the waves of Fistral Beach, the leading surfing area in Newquay.

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  1. We are visiting Fistral for a works outing in June. Some people don't want to surf - are there any other activities on Fistral?

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