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Protecting Your Fun from the Sun

Having fun in the sun in Newquay is really an extraordinary thing to do. But fun is not always equated to safety. Even if we are trying to experience the greatness of nature, we still have to consider our safety and health. So here are some ways to still have fun under the sun while considering your health and beauty.
1. Sun in Newquay.
The sun in Newquay is really an amazing thing to experience. But experiencing the heat of the sun should not make us forget about our skin.
There’s no need for tanning lotion. What you will need is a Sunblock or a Sunscreen. Being under the sun for a long time like surfing and sun- bathing can definitely expose our skin to UV Rays that can lead to either skin ageing or worse, skin cancer.
So don’t forget to apply a sun protection every time you will go out. It should be a minimum of SPF 30 to totally protect your skin for the harmful rays of the sun.
Aside from the skin, we should also consider one of the most sensitive part of the face- the lips. Always apply lip balm or petroleum jelly to also protect it from the sun.

2. Heat- away.
Exposure under the sun causes the water from inside the body to evaporate fast. So try to drink a lot and rehydrate before going out and also always bring a bottle of water handy in times like this.

3. Hair- care.
Of course, aside from the skin, one of the most exposed part of the body under the sun is our crowning glory. But unfortunately, most of the time, it is the most forgotten.
If you are going to be exposed under the sun for a long time, avoid styling your hair. Natural style will be fine. Having it blow dried or curled with curling irons can simply add to the damage of the hair.

4. Last but not the list, eat healthy. Eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of fluid can definitely make you feel full but at the same time refreshed and ready to go a long way.

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