Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Days and Nights in Newquay

Spending a day in Newquay is really quite exhausting. With all the fun and excitement that you can experience in the morning, who would say that the fun stops after that? Well it is just starting for there are still a lot more in Newquay.


One of the things that you could do during the night is Coasteering. This is probably considered as the ultimate adventure activity. You will be swimming, climbing, cliff jumping from 6 ft to 40 ft, caving into the dark, swimming into whirlpools, spinning in stoppers and mingling with the local marine life. This is one hell of a challenge of courage, strength and stamina.


If Coasteering is not just enough for you, you can definitely try surfing in the dark. Fighting for the waves that can’t be seen and fighting over your fears, surfing is another worthy thing that you could do under the moonlight of Newquay.

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