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Berties Club

Don’t want the fun to stop? Feels like you haven’t had enough of Newquay? Don’t fear for Berties Club in Newquay. Berties offers a variety of drinks, sounds and nightlife. Even the hottest DJs in town, can’t seem to get hold of this place.


How is the Place?
Berties is the biggest nightclub in Cornwall hosting some of the UK’s biggest Dj’s on a regular basis. Hot steaming parties are held here like the The BBC Radio One and Rip Curl Surf Company parties. Having the capacity of 2000 people, Berties has 3 clubs in one roof which allows a greater choice in musical styles and giving the clubbers to stroll between clubs in one entry fee.

With great sound system, a fantastic DJ, stylish new lounge bars and 3 venues under one roof, Berties will sure give you a hell of fun!

Berties Club is located at East St. Newquay TR7 1DB.


For the fees, refer to the figure below.


For advanced booking and party reservations or any inquiries, just call 0163 7859 295, email or simply just visit

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