Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Newquay Surfing School: Quiksilver

Newquay may be a popular place for surfing. But then how can you enjoy it if you do not know how to surf? That is what Quiksilver is for. It will teach you the basics of surfing so you can ride the waves.

How does this work?

Quiksilver offers coaching which can be in groups or one-on-one. Safety is their utmost priority that is why they will give you a safety briefing in your first surfing lesson. They also have a reputation of getting 80% of their students standing on the waves right from the first lesson. But of course, they do have some requirements. Before you can surf, you should be able to swim up to 50 meters in open water and wear a swim suit or trunks under your wet suit.

If you are interested, Quiksilver has various packages depending if you are a child, a teenager, with your family, holding a stag or hen party, part of a corporation, school or organization or part of the armed forces.


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