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Newquay Paintball Kernow Leisure

Playing paintball has always been an exciting activity. Kernow Leisure is the witness of this as it hosts a paintball area in Newquay. Persons of all ages flock to this little arena where they can feel the adventure and action of paintballing.

How can I get there?

Just take the A3058 to Quintrell Downs. From there, go to Indian Queens and after a mile, turn left to Mountjoy. When you get there, turn right and you will see Newquay Paintball just 1 mile in the left road. Here is a map to help you out.

How is the Place?
If you think that simple paintball is the only activity you can do here, think twice. There are different types of games you can participate in to add a little twist to your game. Here are some suggested games from Newquay Paintball’s official website.

Fight your way through enemy territory and capture the flag from your opponent’s base. Now all you have to do to win is get it all the way back.

Your medic can bring your team mates back to life. Do you stay back and defend him or creep forward and take out the enemy medic.

One of your team mates is a double agent. Is anyone acting suspiciously? Maybe two of your team are shooting at each other. One is the traitor working for the other side, one is your team mate, which is which, who do you shoot?

Defend your fortified position against the enemy attack. Team work and plenty of communication is essential as they slowly edge forwards trying to surround your fortress..

Collect and return flags from the kill zone, the further you go into the kill zone the higher the points and the greater the danger. Lots of covering fire from your team mates is essential.

There can be only one! All against all, each enemy kill gets you there tags and claim all of his kills. Tactics and timing are all important here.

Stag hunt, Kind of says it all really!

Last game of the day, all against all and don’t stop till you’ve used up all your ammo. If there’s a time for settling some grudges, this is definitely it!

How much will this cost me?

The prices are affordable. The Speedball package costs £12.50 for 100 balls and £7 per 100 extra balls. There is also a Girls Guides Out Package which costs £17 for 100 balls and £7 per 100 extra balls. You can also opt for the Weekend Warrior Package which is around £27 for 100 balls and £6 for extra balls. The Itchy Finger Package is suitable for paintball addicts where it costs £37 for 500 balls and £6 for 100 extra balls. But if you are really addicted and you want to paintball all day, then you can go for the Total Carnage Package which costs £55 for 1000 balls.


Tel 01637 873988

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