Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Newquay – A Surfer’s Paradise


More than any other town in the UK, Newquay offers a taste of tropical paradise - the ultimate destination.

Newquay's broad and sandy beaches and curling swells provide the perfect setting for a vibrant surfing scene. It now lays claim to some of the best beaches in Europe - Fistral Beach, Hollywel bay, Porth Joke, Crantock and Pentire Peninsula. In the month of August, this town is the host to the Rip Curl Newquay Boardmasters, a major international surfing competition sponsored by a top surfer clothing company.

Newquay has now grown to host some of the best surfing schools in the world. They ensure a wonderful learning experience while enjoying the rolling waves. Beginners will be gliding on their boards above the water in no time. Even though surfing looks like a sport only for the young and adventurous, it is also a great activity for the entire family.

Since surfing is not just a sport but a lifestyle, everything that a surfer requires has now descended upon Newquay. Surf shops along the beach side offer a wide array of equipment and clothing that fit every kind of surfer. Even the restaurants around the area are surfer- themed.

There is no need to worry about places to stay in Newquay. Posh hotels, holiday parks, self catering homes and budget bed space dormitories have sprung up to provide room for the many surfers and vacationers that frequent this town. As a surfer's budget is usually limited, bed space dormitories have become more and more popular since it was introduced to the town. The numerous guides available on the net should be able to provide more information on accommodation in this town.

Whether you choose to travel by coach or by train, Newquay is simply accessible. The National Express busses ply the routes that service London and Newquay. It also hosts a train station that offers connections to other parts of the country.

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