Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Holywell Bay Fun Park

Newquay is all about having fun. So if you have decided to travel to this area, you should first define what fun is for you and go to the place that will satisfy you the most.

The Holywell Bay Fun Park is there to satisfy families. Kids of any age will enjoy the rides and the happy atmosphere in the area. You also do not need to worry about the tariffs for there are no entrance fees. You only need to pay for the facilities you will use but not for the actual entrance. That is neat especially if you are on the budget.

Where is it?

The park is located at the shores of Newquay along Holywell beach. Please see the map for more details.


What else can you do there?

Once you have visited the park, you will not help but visit the adjacent locations. One of these is the Holywell beach. But of course, you will also need a place to stay and that is what the Trevornick Hotels are there for. Perhaps you are bored and you want to engage in some activities. Then the Holywell Golf Club and Trevornick fishing ponds will help you.

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