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Caravan Parks Newquay: Hendra Holiday Park

We have reviewed caravan parks here in Newquay Web in the past. But maybe it is because we cannot get enough of it that we decided to feature Hendra Holiday Park, another popular caravan park for Newquay. This family-oriented venue has lots of activities in store for you.

How can I get there?

Go east on Bank St. when you are going towards Marcus Hill. Turn right when you reach that then turn left at Mount Wise. Then turn right at Trenance Road then turn left at Trevemper Road. Turn right again at Treninnick Hill then proceed with Treloggan Road then take the 1st exit at A392


How is the Place?

The place will satisfy just about anybody. Whether you are looking to enjoy your holidays with your family or a special someone, Hendra has lots of activities in store which you can try out. There are bars and restaurants in the area that you can visit along with fully functional homes or camping sites. They even have motor homes and fun pools. I would say that the overall design is created to promote activity and fun.

What Can I Do There?

The list of activities is endless. You can rent a motorhome or you can set camp. There are also some fun pools where you can swim. The kids will have their dose of fun at the on-site kiddie club and there are different forms of entertainment for all the members of the family like karaoke, quizzes and bingo.

How much will this cost me?

The prices of Hendra are a little bit complicated. So it will be best if you visit their website to see how much you are going to pay.


Tel 01637 875778

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