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Building a Sandcastle

Ever wonder how sandcastles were made? Despite their inability to hold water and stay as strong and as sturdy as real castles are? Have you ever tried building one and yet failed to have it stand for even five minutes? Probably you are doing it the wrong way! Here’s some tips on how to build sandcastles for you to enjoy your fruit of labor.


First, you will need-
1. A spade or a pair of hands;
2. Sunscreen, to protect your skin from the sun’s rays;
3. Several buckets of different sizes;
4. And of course, SAND.

What you will need to do:
First, dig a rough circle in the most sand. It should not be too close to the water;s edge to prevent the sand to keep on going your way and also moist sand can pack together better.

Second, Scoop wet sand onto the centre of the area that you will be working with. Work as fast as you could so that the sand is still wet. Once you’ve got a good mound, pat it down with your hand or the back of the spade to have its preliminary shape.

Third, Flatten the top of the mound and using the buckets, make smaller turrets on top by filling them up with wet sand. It’s all up to you on how is it going to look like. It depends upon your creativity.

Fourth, dig a moat around the castle to protect it from invaders like dogs and such.

Fifth, be creative. Add something to make your castle so stunning like stones, shells, flags, etc.

Lastly, Take a photo and have it pulicised!

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