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10 Things You Need To Know About Surfing In Newquay

Surfing is the hottest activity in Newquay. People from all over the UK usually flock to the area in search for a surfing adventure of their life. But before you take the plunge, here are 10 things you need to know.

1. Beaches

If you are going to do surfing in Newquay, then you will not have a hard time finding different beaches. Some of these are the Fistral beach, Towan beach and Tolcarne beach. Each has their own set of waves which you can ride on. Knowing the location of these beaches is essential. After all, how can you go surfing without the waves?

2. Waves
If you are a natural surfer, then this may come as second nature to you. But you must know the different kind of waves and how you can tackle each. Always remember that safety comes first. Do not be overambitious and embark on the waves which is not even fit for your surfing level.

3. Accomodations
Of course, if you are going to go surfing, you will need a place to stay and Newquay has lots of them. So long as you find the beaches, accommodations are just around waiting for you. But it will help if you know the pros and cons of each and their rates.

4. Weather
Also, you must consider the weather in Newquay at different times of the year. You cannot ride the waves if you do not have this skill. Be sure to look up on the latest news on the current weather before you start surfing.

5. Tides
You must also consider the rise and lowering of tides. You do not want to go into an area that has such a low tide for your expectations. Check the updates and see when the tides will rise and fall.

6. Events
Of course, surfing will not be complete if there are no events. You can avail these events to meet fellow surfers or just flaunt your surfing skills. This is also a great opportunity to see your rivals.

7. Gear
As with any sport, it will not be complete without the right apparel. Surfing boards must be chosen with care and knowledge if you want your surfing experience to be a nice one.

8. Surfing Gear Shops
Since Newquay is popular for surfing, it is somehow inevitable for it to host surfing gear shops. You may look around the area and try to see if there are equipments which can aid you in your sport.

9. Surfing Schools
If you are new to surfing, do not despair. There are surfing schools that are ready to help you. Start your surfing career in Newquay where all of the beaches reside. You will never be disappointed.

10. Fellow Surfers
Of course, the last thing you need to know about is your fellow surfers. It will always not hurt to have friends. Establish lasting comrades by frequenting the beaches of Newquay.

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