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Newquay Accommodation: Westward Guest House

If you are looking for a serene, family-run guest house, then you will enjoy Westward, a luxury accommodation in Newquay. This home prioritizes serenity and relaxation while it is conveniently located at the heart of the entire place’s activity.

You will love the personal communications of owners Andrew and Rachel. They will welcome you into the area in a warm and friendly way.

Where is this?

The Westward Guest House is located along Edgcumbe Avenue in Newquay Cornwall. Here is a map.


How do I get there?

You can either take a cab in the Newquay Airport or you can take the Coach Station and Railway Station. You can then go down and take a short walk from there.

How is the place?

Overall, the place is of high quality. All of their rooms contain coloured televisions and tea or coffee makers. The decorations are also something to admire while it is securely heated which suits the weather in the area.

What can I do there?

You can enjoy Newquay through its various areas which are only a couple of blocks away from Westward. It will only take you a three-minute walk if you like to go to their shops, bars, restaurants and beaches. On top of that, you can also walk to the nearby Zoo, Boating Lake, Water World and gardens.

The beaches are perfect for swimming and surfing while the other areas will amuse you with all the things to sightsee.

Overall Rating

Our overall rating for this accommodation is 4.5 out of 5. It only lacks a bit of high class furniture but the other areas are great especially its amazing accessibility to key areas in Newquay. But it is okay since this house wants to promote refreshing rooms rather than highly luxurious ones.

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  1. Great stay at The Westward too! - Always a treat to come to Newquay - good clean accommodation, really close to the beach and the town - relaxed,friendly atmosphere. Well done!

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