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Disabled Accommodation Newquay: Ocean 1 Luxury Apartment

Being disabled, it might be really hard for you to find a place to stay or even more to have a vacation. But it does not need to be hard. There is a place that are sensitive to your needs and that is the Ocean 1 Luxury Apartment.

How can I get there?

This beautiful apartment is located along Fistral Beach. This means that you are only a walk away from the beach and all the activity. If you do not know where Fistral Beach is, kindly visit our other post.

How is the Place?

When Ocean 1 says Luxury, it means it. It is still a new place and the furnishings are clean and new. The only downside is that they do not allow pets or smoking just to maintain the cleanliness. But you can expect classy sofas, a TV and DVD and a nice view from the balcony. There is also a lift for the disabled.

What Can I Do There?

Located along the beach area, surfing is a one of the things you can do here. But if you are disabled, you may also opt to relax at the beach or simply kick back and relax at home.


Tel 07812 993081

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  1. I am planning to visit newquay with my friend who is in a wheel chair we would like to come 6 to 8 august this year. Do you have any space and how much do you charge?

    Thanks Sharon

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