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Cornwall Holiday Caravan: Perran Springs Holiday Park

A luxurious holiday in Cornwall can only come if you choose a place that balances luxury and simplicity. One such place is the Perran Springs Holiday Park. Its amenities are arranged to perfection while it is surrounded by key places which will make your stay in Cornwall worth your while.

Where is this?

The Perran Springs Holiday Park is located along Halt Road along New Quay Road. Check out the map if you find yourself lost.


How do I get there?

This place is just near the train station which makes it really convenient. You can easily reach this place by train. It is not exactly at Newquay but it is located somewhere near.

If you are traveling west from Cornwall, just pass by Indian Queens and then go straight for 1.5 miles. After that turn right at the Boxheater junction where you will see the words ‘Perranporth’ and ‘Goonhavern’. Look for the sign marked ‘Perran Springs’.

How is the place?

The promise of this place is quality and adventure. You will surely feel satisfied for all the activities that you came for can be easily done with the caravan home. On top of that, the rooms are luxurious which makes this vacation one of the most relaxing trips you have ever taken. Simple on the outside but luxurious on the inside.

What can I do there?

The place is conveniently situated between key areas such as the Perranporth Beach, The village of Goonhavern and various fishing lakes. This is really convenient since it will only take you a couple of minutes to get to each place. Surf, camp, fish and eat Newquay cuisine.

How much?



Overall Rating

If you are looking for adventure, then the holiday caravans of Perran Springs will fit your needs. This luxurious home can be brought anywhere you need to go. This makes it perfect if you plan on fishing or camping.


Tel. 01872 540 568

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