Guide to Newquay and Cornwall

Caravan Parks Newquay: Perran Sands Holiday Park

If you are looking for another caravan park to spend your holiday, then you will enjoy Perran Sands Holiday Park. It has everything you will need for a perfect holiday. The view is amazing and the caravan home is comfortable. Once you visit, you can enjoy Newquay to its fullest.

Perran Sands is just located along Perranporth. It sells caravans which can aid you in your travel along the area. But you can enjoy the Perran Sands area with all its facilities. For one, it has a heated indoor pool coupled with outdoor pools for the summer. There is also an adventure golf course, pool tables, ten-pin bowling, a multi-sports court and other sports areas. Kids will also have their dose of fun as they venture into the Kid’s club.

If you need more information about Perran Sands, it will be best to secure a brochure from their website or contact them at 0800 197 2609.

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